Quest Ground Thaw & Heat Systems


The Patent-Pending PowerCoil 500 is intended for use as a heat-exchange accessory that is connected to a Quest Central Hydronic Heater as the heat source. The PowerCoil 500 should be used with either the Quest CHH-300 or CHH-980 only. One PowerCoil can be connected to a CHH-300 or up to 3 can be connected to a CHH-980. The PowerCoil 500 is easy to set up and operate. The PowerCoil 500 is perfect for frac tank heat and freeze protection applications.

The all Stainless Steel, tubular, double helical coil is designated as the “PowerCoil 500”, (based on 500,000 BTUH draw capability in freezing water). By this same logic, the CHH-300 would not produce as much heat as a single Power Coil 500 could draw when immersed in water that is at or near freezing point (32 to 35 degrees F).

The PowerCoil 500 is completely built from Stainless Steel, including the framework, quick couplers and optional pipe extensions. This will allow it to be immersed in tanks containing a variety of chemicals that would be corrosive to other materials.


  • Comes pre-charged with a “Boiler grade” aqueous propylene glycol, heat transfer fluid (HTF) that provides freeze protection in almost any conditions
  • Can be used to heat any type of liquid in most any size or shape of container, even food-grade liquids or corrosive chemicals
  • Corrosive-free, stainless construction
  • Operates both vertically and horizontally
  • Has no electrical or combustion related components providing a safe means of heating fluids that may off-gas explosive vapors when heated
  • Once a tank of liquid has been brought up to the required temperature, the temperature of the glycol supplied to the Power Coil 500 can be lowered by the set point of the thermostat on the Quest CHH

Quest PowerCoil 500

Part No. 4035560
Maximum BTU Output 500,000
Glycol Volume 8.2 US Gallons
Weight Empty 82 Pounds
Weight Full of Glycol 150 Pounds
Dimensions 18″W x 48″H
quest powercoil 500