Quest Portable Climate Control Equipment


The Quest Hydronic Systems are modular, making them the most flexible, efficient heat systems on the market today. For example, Quest Central Hydronic Heating units come equipped with a lifting hook allowing them to be placed wherever they are needed on a heating jobsite. As a result, there is no need to transport the hose reel to the site, only the central heating unit and fan coils.

Purchase only the system components you need based on job application and configuration. If demand for temporary and emergency heat is greater than ground thaw, Quest gives you the option to stock more heating modules than hose reels to meet those demands. With Quest, you can order a full system mounted on a skid, or purchase only the necessary components, and add equipment as job opportunities increase.

Perfect for ground thaw, concrete curing, temporary heat, emergency heat and specialty/event heating applications — call Quest, the Heat Experts, today!

Quest PowerHeat 4500

Part No. 4035550
Thaws 9,000 square feet Up to 4,500 Ft. of Hose
4500 System Includes: 3,000′ of Hose
7kw Kubota Generator
Pre-Mixed Glycol, 5 Gallons
Quest Accessories: 4030402    5/8″ x 500′ Ground Thaw Hose With Couplers
4032485    6 Port 1″ to ¾″ Manifold Set Aluminum
4034599    9 Port 1″ to ¾″ Manifold Set Aluminum
4034330    Quest HFC 100
4034340    Quest HFC 200
Features: Thaw up to 9,000 Sq. Ft.
Up to 4500 Ft. of Hose
385k BTU’s
240 Gallon Fuel Tank
7kw Generator
Easy Accessibility
Best Heat Distribution
User Friendly
Full UL/CSA Certification
quest powerheat 4500
quest powerheat 4500
quest powerheat 4500
quest powerheat 4500