Quest Portable Climate Control Equipment


Like our large industrial desiccants, Quest portable desiccants are the ideal tools for achieving maximum dew point depression in virtually any operating condition. With their light weights and small footprints, Quest portable desiccants easily fit into small, hard to reach spaces. In low clearance applications, the 850D Pro will even run both vertically and horizontally. Quest portable desiccants offer the highest efficiency on the market and operate on single phase power, minimizing the need for generators.

  • Dry in virtually any condition (-10ºF to 140ºF)
  • Dry when maximum dew point depression is needed
  • Dry concrete floors rapidly to allow additional flooring to be applied
  • Perfect for tank lining and industrial coating projects
  • Can be used in tighter spaces and smaller to medium sized drying projects
  • Safe, easy-to-use, rugged, powerful drying

Quest PowerDry 850D Pro

Part No. 4034010
Power 208-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase 30A or 50A branch circuit protection
(24A or 40A actual amp draw)
Water Removal 370 pints/day @ AHAM
(80°F, 60%)
Blower 850 CFM Process Airflow
225 CFM Reactivation Airflow
Operating Temp Range -10ºF to 120ºF
W x H x D 20″ x 41″ x 23.25″
Weight 155 Lbs.
quest powerdry 850 d pro