Quest Portable Climate Control Equipment


Construction combines a variety of building materials that contain a wide range of moisture levels due to their composition, exposure and application. Excess humidity will affect the integrity of building materials, hamper curing and drying times and potentially lead to built-in rot and mold issues.

Quest dehumidifiers control the construction environment and allow the completion of construction processes in less time and with less rework due to damage caused by uncontrolled humidity levels. Quest refrigerant dehumidifiers are designed for maximum water removal, portability, durability and energy efficiency on the job site.

  • Reduce drying time for paint, drywall and floor-prep
  • Control humidity levels during hardwood floor and cabinetry installation
  • Help avoid mold growth by completely drying every construction process
  • Provide rapid water removal after unexpected water intrusion

Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro

Part No. 4031160
Power 10 amps, 110V
Water Removal 22 gallons/day
@ 80°F, 60% RH
35 gallons/day maximum
@ 90°F, 90% RH
Blower 380 CFM
Operating Temp Range 33°F to 105°F
W x H x D 20″ x 23″ x 40″
Weight 135 Lbs.
quest powerdry 4000