Quest Portable Climate Control Equipment has developed a unique system for providing heat to the oil and gas industry. Major natural gas producers in the Marcellus Shale have recognized the benefits of Quest PowerHeat Modular Heating Systems and are now requesting Quest Equipment from their rental partners. More than just a ground heater (glycol heater), Quest PowerHeat Systems are efficient, flexible and can be easily adapted for numerous specialized Oil & Gas applications.

Clean, Reliable, Flameless, Safe Quest PowerHeat Systems can be used in the following applications:

  • Frac Tank and Frac Line Heating
  • Prevent Pipes and Water Transfer Lines from Freezing
  • Temporary Heat for Structure or Platform Work
  • Tank Manifold Heating
  • Removing Water from the Oil
  • For Well Head Temperature Control
  • Keeping Valves Functioning
  • Ensuring the Safety, Health and Welfare of Everyone on the Work Site


Central Hydronic Heaters

direct heating diagram
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5 Star Frac Support Services specializes in the storage, pumping, transportation, and total management of water in the Marcellus Shale areas of Pennsylvania. Headquarted in Creekside, PA, we work with energy companies, fracking companies, and well head management teams to assure that there is always water available for the full time operation of the gas wells.

Last summer we were looking for a better method to keep the water from freezing at the storage facility, the frac tank farm, the pond areas and at the well heads. We had previously used indirect fired heaters on these sites, but they were expensive to operate due to their high fuel consumption and the fact that the frac tank storage areas needed to be temporarily enclosed in order to keep the tanks warm enough to keep the water from freezing.

We were introduced to the Quest Hydronic System by our local rental distributor and we saw immediate advantages. Wrapping the hoses around the exposed pipe at the storage facility solved 1 problem, and inserting the hoses directly in to the frac tank solved a few more. We had a total of 12 Quest Hydronic systems on various sites and they all performed flawlessly all winter long. At the end of the season, each unit had over 1500 hours of use on the meter. More importantly, we saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the old method. This was realized in fuel savings, and more importantly, it eliminated the need to build temporary structures around the frac tanks.

The Quest team provided training for our techs, was always available (24/7) to answer questions or address concerns, and even made a follow up visit this spring to see if there was anything they could do to improve the product and make our job easier.

We will continue to use the Quest Hydronic Systems this winter, and we look forward to working with Quest in the future.


Matt Hammel, Operations Manager
5 Star Frac Support Services, LLC