Why Use “Flameless” when you can have Explosion Proof Heat?

Meet the Patent-Pending Quest XP300 Pro Explosion Proof Coil

The Patent-Pending Quest XP300 Pro Explosion Proof Coil is a powerful accessory device designed for use in conjunction with any of the Quest Central Hydronic Glycol Heaters. This Patent-Pending unit produces 3000CFM of airflow and 300,000BTUs of heat. The XP300 is used to provide a temporary or permanent heat solution wherever hydronic distribution may be used. It will operate very effectively and efficiently on construction sites of all types. The single biggest advantage the XP300 has over all competitors is its capability to be used in “Hazardous Locations.” The XP300 is approved for use in Division I Hazardous Locations: Class I, Groups C & D / Class II, Groups F & G. This unit is unique in ways that no other product on the market can match. The XP300 is constructed mostly of lightweight aluminum for non-sparking exterior surfaces, making it easy to move around and quick to set up.

The XP300 transfers heat from the heated glycol circuit to an air stream that is being forced through an internal hydronic heat transfer coil. It can direct a stream of warm dry air over the workmen and assemblies they are working on, to provide comfort, enhance quality of workmanship and improve productivity.

Because this unit utilizes a backward inclined high pressure, high volume blower, it can be set up, even in hazardous locations, for multiple functions where competitive units are not approved to be used. It also is the only unit in the market that can be connected to ducts for customized efficient distribution, including flex connection to an existing duct system within the structure or a temporary set of flexible or lay-flat ducts. Because of the high volume blower, the XP300 is capable of high efficient filtration of the airstream. It accepts a 20” x 30” x 2” filter available in efficiencies up to MERV 13 rating. The multi-ducting options and superior air filtration are also unique qualities of the new Quest XP300.

This unit can be used on any site where temporary or permanent heat is needed, but is the absolute best choice for any locations where volatile vapors or dusts are (or may be) present.

Hazardous locations
that the XP300 can be used on include:
  1. Gas and oil extraction sites, refineries & plants
  2. Mine sites
  3. Chemical plants
  4. Warehouses that store and distribute volatile substances
  5. Factories that produce or use volatile substances
  6. Cargo vessels that carry volatile substances in their “holds”
  7. Containers and tanks that are used to store or transport hazardous materials or for handling environmental cleanup residues
  8. Hoarded contained spaces where volatile coatings must be applied, dried or removed
  9. Outdoor locations such as drilling platforms, pipeline assemblies or other similar situations
   Quest XP300 Pro
        Explosion Proof Coil Spec Sheet

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Quest XP300 Pro Explosion Proof Coil

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Part No. 4036830
Heat Capacity 300,000 BTUs
Airflow 300 CFM
Supply Voltage 115/208-230
Power Amperage 20/10

   Quest XP300 Pro
        Explosion Proof Coil Manual
The New XP300 Explosion Proof Coil
The XP300 consists of the following components,
all contained inside a portable aluminum cabinet.
  • A liquid to air heat exchange coil, constructed of copper tube, aluminum fin and aluminum frame
  • A “Plug Fan” style air blower that utilizes a backward-inclined aluminum impeller and a motor that is approved for operation within specific “Hazardous Locations”
  • A 3-port, manual-dial-operated, flow mixing/diverting valve
  • Integral air filtration, which accepts various efficiency-rated air filters
  • Slide-in, aluminum duct connector collars can be attached to either the supply air outlet or the return air inlet or both
  • The unit is equipped with forklift pockets and a center-top hoisting hook
  • The cabinet base provides liquid-tight containment inside the cabinet that holds 6 times the glycol volume of the coil and an exterior section to catch drips when making or breaking the Quick-coupler connections
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