Whether it is a storm, an equipment failure, or any other reason, the loss of heat in an occupied building can be a serious problem. Quest has heating products which provide safe, clean, dry, warm air for any size emergency situation. The versatility of Quest PowerHeat Systems allow you to heat virtually any enclosed or semi-enclosed area with clean, dry, flameless, safe, quiet heat.

The central hydronic heat module and fan coils can be used independently or combined with the 3000 to 4500 ft. of glycol hose (in 500 ft. lengths) and hose reel for maximum flexibility.


Quest PowerHeat Fan Coils Application Suggestions:

  • Temporary Enclosure Heating Equipment
  • Providing Safe Flameless Heat for Platform Workers
  • Fan Coils Provide an Additional Heat Source on the Job Site While Heating With Glycol Hoses

Quest Fan Coil Competitive Advantages:

  • A fuel cost savings of up to 75% compared to indirect-fired systems.
  • Only 1″ and ¾″ lines are used on Quest Fan Coils. No ball valves to deal with. There is no need for ducting — Quest fan coils can be placed in the space to be heated.
  • Constructed of incredibly durable, noncorrosive stainless steel.
  • Quest Heat is clean, dry, flameless, and safe.